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Below are some online resources (at other websites around the world) which will help you with your Bible study.


Free bible software to download. Includes free copies of the English Standard Version, the Compemporay English Version the Good News Bible and many others. Commentaries, Bible dictionaries and other items are also provided legally free. This is a great study tool with extensive search facilities. A PDA version is also available completely free too. It is all provided as a labour of love by one man, Rick Meyer, who believes the word of God should be provided free to everyone.


Massive on-line Christian study resource with several Bible texts to search from. Includes interlinear and parallel Bibles, concordances, commentaries, lexicons and dictionaries.

Christian Classics Etheral Library

An amazing site with thousands of ancient texts and documents from the early church fathers, puritans and dozens of major historical figures from church history – people like St Augustine, Brother Lawrence, Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, etc, etc.

Download the Gospels:





 Read Matthew if you’re looking for a book which focuses especially on the teachings of Jesus. This book includes some of the most quoted passages from Jesus’s teaching, including the Beatitudes (“blessed are the poor”). Read Mark if you’re looking for a very short and action-packed account of the life of Jesus… Mark is ideal for people in a hurry! Read Luke if you want a moving, comprehensive account of Jesus life, with great storytelling and an emphasis on how Jesus helped the poor and outcast people of his time. Read John if you’re interested in exploring the deep meaning of Jesus life, including questions of who he is and why he lived and died in the way he did.
These are supplied in PDF format. If you don’t have a PDF reader installed, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. get-adobe-reader
matthew mark luke john