The Building Project 2003

January 2003
The north wall, kitchen sub-walls and internal basement walls were built up ready for the floor above to be laid

jan03b jan03a
February 2003
The final underpin in the main stairwell was excavated and the inner skin basement walls were completed

feb03a feb03c

March 2003
The steel beams to hold the floors above the basement rooms were moved into position, and we even started the decorating!!

mar03a mar03c mar03e mar03f

April 2003
The concrete floor beams arrived and we built the suspended floor over the basement.

apr03b apr03a

By Easter Sunday morning (April 20th) we were able to use the new floor for our Sunrise Service.


May 2003
We poured around 32 cubic metres of concrete to make new floors for the TLC room and the new lobby / creche / kitchen areas.
Not content with this, we also reprofiled the roadway and built up the the north east wall until it was visible above floor level.

may03b may03a
June 2003
We finished concreting the floors!! And we did more to the roadway, walls, beams, blockwork etc. etc.

jun03d jun03b
July 2003
The site was tidied for the stonelaying and we continued to build the main perimeter walls up higher…

jul03a jul03b
August 2003
We rested up for a week or two…but as we couldn’t leave it alone, we also did a bit more to the walls so as to be ready for the new roof to be fitted the following month.

aug03a aug03b
September 2003
The roofers arrived and started fitting the main roof. We also built a new roof structure above the new TLC room to link all the buildings in the complex together.

oct03a oct03b
October 2003
Roofing work continued and as the contractors fixed the main roof, we also built up the profiles of the existing buildings before it was all covered with zinc sheet.


November 2003
The main roof is nearing completion! The new TLC room section has been made ready for zinc sheeting and the hall roof is built up to its new profile ready for composite panels.

nov03a nov03b
December 2003
The roof was made watertight and with just a few days work left to complete the job, we took a break for Christmas.

dec03a dec03b


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