The Building Project 2001

During February and March 2001 some initial goundwork was done in order that power supplies could be redirected prior to starting the real work of developing the church buildings and creating new and significantly larger worship and communal areas.

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On June 4th, the diggers arrived and the real digging began…

digger1 digger2

July 2001
The north-facing sloping site was terraced to accommodate varying floor levels. Great care was taken to avoid the risk of ground slip.


August 2001
Main excavations nearing completion!

dig4a dighall

September 2001
Steel reinforced foundations and many deliveries of building materials…

fndtnaug01 supplies0901

October 2001
Footings and main retaining walls…

Which block next? jh131001

wall13Oct dig20oct

November 2001
Underpinning the hall so that a new floor could be built 8ft beneath the hall floor.

dig22oct dig3nov

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