Our Team

Our whole church is a team!

We believe that church is a place where everyone is able to use the gifts that God has given them to help one other and serve God.

It might be making the coffee or leading a children’s group, welcoming folks as they arrive or being creative with flowers. Some gifts are less obvious than others, but no less important. Our aim is to help each other develop all those gifts and use them for God’s glory.

We have 3 couples whom God has gifted to ‘hold it all together’…

bob-ruth rog-jo paul-ann
Bob has a background in engineering and likes to mend things.
Ruth has a background in making people feel loved and special.
In between times, they have had 4 children and LOTS of grandchildren.
Rog used to draw bits of helicopter and get paid for it.
Jo is very good at making lists and keeping the ‘Lighthouse’ children’s work on track. (Does that make her a Lighthouse Keeper?)
They have 2 children and lots of grandchildren.
Paul works in education and is the youngest Elder at 14 years old (work it out!).
Anne does interesting things with creepy crawlies and, in her spare time, works at wringing bargains out of multinational companies.
They have 4 children.