The Building Project 2007

January 2007
Internal works continued including cabling, first fix electrics, plastering and first coats of paint

jan07a jan07d

February 2007
Internal plastering was just about finished. Painting continued in preparation for installation of the new suspended ceiling.

feb07a feb07b

March 2007
External rendering and internal painting continued. Hardwood frames and windows were varnished. Installation of the suspended ceiling commenced. A new security door was fitted and kerbstones laid by the church entrance.

mar07a mar07b

April 2007
A busy month – plastering and ceiling installation continued. Outside, trees were planted, the building was painted and more kerbstones were laid.

apr07a apr07d


May 2007
Internal works continued and the fire doors were cut to size and prepared for hanging.
A gardening team was formed to plan layouts for the various flower beds.

may07a may07b

June 2007
External railings were made up, internal walls were painted, the kitchen was tiled, fire doors were fitted, the sound desk was built and we started sealing the concrete floors. Outside, rustic fences and steps down to the lower carpark were built, fire escape steps to the cellar were installed, and most garden walls were painted.

jun07a jun07fjun07e

jun07h jun07g  jun07d jun07c jun07b

July 2007
Nearly there…the railings were finished, galvanised and installed. Sound and alarm systems were installed. Stage lighting installation was started. Painting of internal rooms continued, including a fantastic mural in the new creche. A partition wall in iroko hardwood was build overlooking the entrance lobby. Patio paving slabs were laid and garden steps built, with more outside planting completed, and much more besides…

jul07a  jul07k  jul07ijul07g


jul07e jul07d jul07bjul07l

August & September 2007
The final push…with loads of extra helpers on site the project was completed enough for us to declare the building open and ready for use on 8th September. Here are some pictures of happenings during the final few weeks:

aug07d aug07h aug07i aug07e

aug07g  aug07j aug07c aug07b



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