The Building Project 2005

January 2005
The internal walls of the smaller rooms were built up and nearly finished, and the floor of the Youth Hall above the new toilet area was prepared for installation of under-floor heating.

jan05a jan05b
February 2005
Underfloor heating was installed and a new floor was laid in the Youth Hall which was opened up again after 6 months of restricted use.

feb05a feb05b
March 2005
The loft above the TLC room was floored with T+G chipboard. Hardwood window frames were installed along the east wall and more wall blocks were laid.

mar05a mar05b
April 2005
We installed a staircase linking the old Youth Hall and the new lower level main church. Road drains were dug out and work began on a new car parking area below the new building.

apr05a apr05b apr05c

May 2005
Reinforcing steel for the plant room foundations was made and the retaining walls were filled with concrete

may05a may05b may05c

June 2005
More kerbstones were laid for the carpark and hedging was cut back to prepare the lower roadway.
Further manholes were dug out and cast to link the drainage system for the new building.

jun05a jun05b
July 2005
Further drainage works were completed and work continued on the carpark areas.

jul05b jul05a
August 2005
Major works ceased for the summer break.
Our Youth Group weeded and tidied up the banks, and some stone walling was begun around the carpark

aug05a aug05b
September 2005
Stone walls and access ways continued to be built around the site. Some work was also done on the stairway down into the new basement.

sep05a sep05b
October + November 2005
The stone walls were built up ready for the carparks and site roads to be surfaced.

nov05a nov05c

December 2005
More stone walling around the new drop-off area of the car park where we also began work casting the stairways down to the main entrance.

dec05a dec05b dec05c


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