BBC1 and BBC2

We have a fantastic team of leaders who cover our two Sunday BBC groups –
Mark, Ben, Shobee, Andrew, Shelly and Callum.

The groups meet every Sunday and are divided as follows
BBC1 (school years 7-8)
BBC2 (school years 9-11)

Among other things, we talk about God, how we can have a relationship with Him, how much He values us, how we can live for Him & how He wants us to treat other people & the world we live in.

We do this via topics, which the group choose at the beginning of each year, but we stay current by also talking about what is going on in their lives or in the world at large. These, as you might imagine, are lively groups, whom we are are seeking to build & guide, not confine or stifle. So no subject is barred & we base all our wisdom on the Bible.

The material from which we loosely work but frequently deviate, comes from Energize, (Urban Saints.)